Monday, November 15, 2010

Fit for The King

I should be reading tax right now, but I have that feeling again. It's what I imagine a dog feels like when you yell at it for wetting the carpet or something.

I got a surprise invite to dinner from someone who has always been skinny and somehow when they decided to get a burger, I decided to get a burger too. Definitely also succumbed to the "while I'm here" fallacy and decided that an insane burger would probably make it "worth it."

And so, somehow I ended up at Charlie's Kitchen surrounded by hipsters, freaks and townies, drinking a (just okay) Abita Pecan Harvest beer and eating a burger with bacon, cheese, and PEANUT BUTTER. It was delicious, but I am pretty sure Elvis died eating something very similar.

Anyway, the sickly full feeling I have, combined with the impending sense of doom about holiday parties and so forth have brought me back. Watching a cable access show about weight loss probably didn't help. At any rate, the holidays should be fun.

Cookie and Cake Demons, indeed.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The red mug in question.
A cup (and a quarter?) of some weird TJ's brand of Kashi GoLean! Crunch. Also a cup of soy milk. Scalin those animal products back one at at time. Having a cup of coffee/sludge from my big red mug.